Thing’s they did not tell you at the Xbox One conference.

The Xbox One has been announced  and here are some thing’s they did not tell you at the conference. Pre-Owen titles now have a set fee, when you put the game in it will be tied to the Xbox live account witch you will have a separate fee on top of that. So if you go down to your local Game stop or game store you buy the game as a pre-owned you go home and put it in and have to pay a set fee on that for every game weather that goes to Xbox or Microsoft or to the developers but that’s how it is now unfortunately. She announced that all of your data will be saved on a 500 GB hard drive all of your games will be saved on it. Doesn’t seem like a lot of space to me,  like low space I am guessing they will upgrade the space in the latter years to 1000 GB or 2000 GB so you can download all your games on it without deleting old ones.The Xbox is not always online but apparently you have to be online for your console to even turn on but apparently there is a massive back end to this console now. Loads and loads of service that will make the game performance more stronger in the long run developers could actually use these servers to actually power the game and make it look better I have heard numerous rumors on this so I am not 100% sure on that. I guess there massive back servers and help with performance and hopefully not lag for games like Call Of Duty it just improves the performance on the console and the online experience its self. The new Kinect 2.0 I guess that’s what they are calling it, Its is apparently a lot better it picks up all of your movement it a lot better but always has to be connected to the Xbox its a essential part of the console now it has to be connected to the Xbox so it can work if it is not connected apparently the console will not function correctly without it. So you can not play any of your old Xbox games, movies or music you downloaded or bought on the Xbox live store will be transferred to your new Xbox One console. Soon to confirm that the pre-owned games will have a additional fee, when you install them to your console your console has a auto link to your Xbox live account witch means you will have to pay more on top of your pre-owned game you just purchased to me its a really dumb Idea its gonna hurt lot of are retail market and there gonna start to struggle most of the retail store live on the pre-own games and the money get from that. Its gonna be really hard for them. We are gonna see stores shut down and eventually it will turn to online only if they were smart they would change that idea completely like I said before I have no idea where these fee go to. On another note we don’t even have a set fee on Xbox live yet it could be the same but apparently point will be included with Xbox live. I hope you enjoyed this if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below and I will try to get to you as soon as possible thanks guys 😀 Image


Gears Of War Judgment

My opinion on “Gears Of War Judgment” could of been a lot better why?
#1 The campaign is short approximentaly 5 hours but after you beat the game there is another campaign that takes place during Gears 3 I believe witch is a plus I guess.
#2 There’s nothing really different about the campaign is the same. Just kill the locust nothing different same thing through every mission. They make the game feel like a arcade game because you are scored and receive stars by how good you did and at the end of the mission it shows how you did I didn’t really care about the campaign more on getting through the mission and seeing how I did.
#3 The Multiplayer is still the same except they added a few new games to play but all in all still the same. They added some new guns in there as well :
“Vulcan, Trip wire crossbow, Markza, Booshka, Spot Grenade, Stim-Gas Grenade, Breechshot” ( Sorry if I miss any )
#4 I like how Marcus is not in the game they mainly focus on Baird and Cole and the other 2 new characters as well Cadet Sofia Hendrik, and former UIR Major Garron Paduk.
#5 New Locust as well not gonna go into detail with that your just gonna have to look into that hes just basically a power house.
The only Real reason ” Gears Of War Judgment ” is such a big riot is because is apart of the Gears Of War Franchise it could of been better lot of room for improvement but its still a kick ass game and enjoy playing it. If I had to rate the game I would have to say hands down a 7 if you disagree or anything feel free to comment and let me know thanks.
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