Thing’s they did not tell you at the Xbox One conference.

The Xbox One has been announced  and here are some thing’s they did not tell you at the conference. Pre-Owen titles now have a set fee, when you put the game in it will be tied to the Xbox live account witch you will have a separate fee on top of that. So if you go down to your local Game stop or game store you buy the game as a pre-owned you go home and put it in and have to pay a set fee on that for every game weather that goes to Xbox or Microsoft or to the developers but that’s how it is now unfortunately. She announced that all of your data will be saved on a 500 GB hard drive all of your games will be saved on it. Doesn’t seem like a lot of space to me,  like low space I am guessing they will upgrade the space in the latter years to 1000 GB or 2000 GB so you can download all your games on it without deleting old ones.The Xbox is not always online but apparently you have to be online for your console to even turn on but apparently there is a massive back end to this console now. Loads and loads of service that will make the game performance more stronger in the long run developers could actually use these servers to actually power the game and make it look better I have heard numerous rumors on this so I am not 100% sure on that. I guess there massive back servers and help with performance and hopefully not lag for games like Call Of Duty it just improves the performance on the console and the online experience its self. The new Kinect 2.0 I guess that’s what they are calling it, Its is apparently a lot better it picks up all of your movement it a lot better but always has to be connected to the Xbox its a essential part of the console now it has to be connected to the Xbox so it can work if it is not connected apparently the console will not function correctly without it. So you can not play any of your old Xbox games, movies or music you downloaded or bought on the Xbox live store will be transferred to your new Xbox One console. Soon to confirm that the pre-owned games will have a additional fee, when you install them to your console your console has a auto link to your Xbox live account witch means you will have to pay more on top of your pre-owned game you just purchased to me its a really dumb Idea its gonna hurt lot of are retail market and there gonna start to struggle most of the retail store live on the pre-own games and the money get from that. Its gonna be really hard for them. We are gonna see stores shut down and eventually it will turn to online only if they were smart they would change that idea completely like I said before I have no idea where these fee go to. On another note we don’t even have a set fee on Xbox live yet it could be the same but apparently point will be included with Xbox live. I hope you enjoyed this if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below and I will try to get to you as soon as possible thanks guys 😀 Image


The Fall Of Microsoft Is Coming Near


The fall of Microsoft is coming near for those that have not been keeping up with twitter or any other social network sites/ Media / Tech news the Xbox 720 or whatever its going to be called is going to require always online connectivity. Meaning that if you have a game or buy a game it has to be connected to the internet. Your console WILL NOT play games unless it is connected to the internet. This has sprung A LOT of negativity in fact so much negativity in the gaming industry and gaming community BioWare  made some statements to one of the people that released the statement regarding the Xbox 720 having permeate online connectivity  and he said this from his personal twitter account now private for good reasons ” Sorry  I don’t get the drama around having an’always-on’ console,” he said. “Every device is now always-on #dealwhithit”. This is why I love BioWeare because they saw this tweet and said and I quote “Did you learn nothing from Diablo lll or SimCity? You know some people’s Internet goes out right? Deal with it is a sh***y reason,” replied BioWeare gameplay designer Manveer Heir. 

“Electricity goes out too,” said Orth in response.

“The mobile reception in the area I live in is spotty and unreliable. I will not buy a mobile phone.” Orth said as a joke.

The of course for the next few hours Orth the person who made the announcement of online connectivity being permanent to always having to be connected to the internet made all the ridiculous tweets one saying ” Sometimes the electricity goes out. I will not purchase a vacuum cleaner.” This high and mighty Microsoft employee Adam Orth he is a idiot and let me tell you why. Not because of his erigence, high pedestal tweets he is twitting out saying DEAL WITH IT all you gamer’s all you people just DEAL WITH IT this is the new thing Microsoft is doing ether you DEAL WITH IT ether you like and buy it. No I don’t like it and no I wont buy it.Your tweets and the things your using to argue over why you need the Xbox 720 connected to the internet 24/7. You are comparing things that doesn’t make any sense to be compared to, a vacuum needs electricity, a good phone needs reception to work well, video game consoles do not need to be connected on through the internet always 24/7 because if you do that not only are you going to lose a lot of profit in money and consoles but look at the gaming history we have the Sega Genesis, the Netendio 64, the PlayStation, the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, we have the PlayStation 4, we have the Wii, we have the Wii U, all of these consoles have been successful without having online connectivity to wear you cant play or use your console unless its connected to the internet. This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard proposed by Microsoft. Adam Orth you are simply try to justify reason for your real intent here. You Adam Orth or should say “Microsoft want to change the industry and claim that its the way it should of always been.”… NO. Adam Orth I must say congratulations on making a product unsuccessful before ITS EVEN ANNOUNCED  that’s some real credit right there for your job. The crazy thing here is that people in the United States even in other country’s DO NOT HAVE INTERNET. I have people I know personally that are in there 40’s and 50’s that do not have internet. If I ever go over to someones house I cant bring my console and we cant play games together because they may not have internet. Im really curios about Adam Orth right now and his current position I can imagine Microsoft kind of like being the God Father and Adam Orth is being dragged into Bill Gates office right now. All I can really say to Microsoft is that you made a very poor decision and it is going to hurt your marketing, its going to hurt your funds, Your going to lose customers with your recent decisions, I am buying a PlayStation 4 and I am happy about it.