Thing’s they did not tell you at the Xbox One conference.

The Xbox One has been announced  and here are some thing’s they did not tell you at the conference. Pre-Owen titles now have a set fee, when you put the game in it will be tied to the Xbox live account witch you will have a separate fee on top of that. So if you go down to your local Game stop or game store you buy the game as a pre-owned you go home and put it in and have to pay a set fee on that for every game weather that goes to Xbox or Microsoft or to the developers but that’s how it is now unfortunately. She announced that all of your data will be saved on a 500 GB hard drive all of your games will be saved on it. Doesn’t seem like a lot of space to me,  like low space I am guessing they will upgrade the space in the latter years to 1000 GB or 2000 GB so you can download all your games on it without deleting old ones.The Xbox is not always online but apparently you have to be online for your console to even turn on but apparently there is a massive back end to this console now. Loads and loads of service that will make the game performance more stronger in the long run developers could actually use these servers to actually power the game and make it look better I have heard numerous rumors on this so I am not 100% sure on that. I guess there massive back servers and help with performance and hopefully not lag for games like Call Of Duty it just improves the performance on the console and the online experience its self. The new Kinect 2.0 I guess that’s what they are calling it, Its is apparently a lot better it picks up all of your movement it a lot better but always has to be connected to the Xbox its a essential part of the console now it has to be connected to the Xbox so it can work if it is not connected apparently the console will not function correctly without it. So you can not play any of your old Xbox games, movies or music you downloaded or bought on the Xbox live store will be transferred to your new Xbox One console. Soon to confirm that the pre-owned games will have a additional fee, when you install them to your console your console has a auto link to your Xbox live account witch means you will have to pay more on top of your pre-owned game you just purchased to me its a really dumb Idea its gonna hurt lot of are retail market and there gonna start to struggle most of the retail store live on the pre-own games and the money get from that. Its gonna be really hard for them. We are gonna see stores shut down and eventually it will turn to online only if they were smart they would change that idea completely like I said before I have no idea where these fee go to. On another note we don’t even have a set fee on Xbox live yet it could be the same but apparently point will be included with Xbox live. I hope you enjoyed this if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below and I will try to get to you as soon as possible thanks guys 😀 Image


Is Crysis 3 just a game with pretty graphics?

Crysis 3 looks really good on PC but boy do I get a shit load of issues.. The game feels unpolished and slightly rushed to meet a deadline. Why do games now and day’s feel slugesh all the time ? Im gonna blame it on motion work just because I want to. The texture is about as sharp as a broken piece of glass. I must admit I can not run the texture level on high I guess that would be expected because its a Crysis game. Ya know that name use to mean something it was like the Ferrari of gaming but now its a yearly release give or take a few months now the game is more like a sun flyer. Story is about as blan as drinking chalk in water it doesn’t do anything for me at all it doesn’t have that open world feel like the first one had. Reason I refereed it to the first Crysis was because  it was beautiful and was done right. Taking the PC game and putting it to console’s has had huge consequences and it shows. I fell like crytek  sold out.. Damn shame too. I would also like to point out that this game is about as distinctive as a rock its just on a shelf along with other books and the single player has the replay ability as a bottle of Pepsi once done you will throw it aside. Don’t get me wrong though the game is okay but that’s my issue it does nothing different it plays it safe like driving down a straight road I lost interest in the game near the beginning and cant really give out a recommendation for it. Now the single player can add some extra playing time but you will find yourself switching back to “Battlefield 3” or “Call Of Duty“. There’s just nothing there that has not been done before just looks great but has glitches. If you have a different opinion on this game feel free to leave a comment down below and let me know thanks.


Is Dead Space 3 just a cheesy Syfi thriller ( Review )

The game was a lot of back tracking and forced story telling. If you played the 2nd one you would know that his ex girlfriend lost her eye in that one but when you see her in this one she has one ? Makes no sense in my opinion. The crafting table is good and broken update you can make a very over powered weapon and just use that as your main weapon the whole game so that makes the crafting table pointless. Hard to feel scared when its only a button away from a one shot kill. This is not a horror game it may come from a strong horror background but this is not a horror game its more action then anything else. Don’t get me wrong they have some of the cheap jump scares in the early of the game and late in the game. I enjoyed dead space 1& 2 for the blood and horror and this does not own up to the title in my opinion. The story is like a cheesy syfi thriller that wasn’t a original plot. Your basically quoting the last star wars act at the end of the game ( wont spoil ending for people who have not played ) Its a good game to check out if your there for the action of it but if your there for the horror just forget about it.If you have a different opinion on the game feel free to comment down below and let me know thank you.


Watch Dogs, Deep Down, and Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4)

As you all know the ps4 was announced, even though it the actual console was never shone to the public; But we did get to see some launch titles! Lets take a look,

Watch Dogs

The city of Chicago is yours to roam and control, with Gods iPhone.

Free Mode:

In free roam you can walk the city streets with no missions or objectives, and with God’s iPhone you are able to control everything and hack into the privacy of everybody. Use your God phone to detect potential crimes, suspects, and personal information such as bank accounts and backgrounds. 

Story Mode:

In story mode you are a ex cop playing detective. Using the power of the god phone to protect ones close to you. Once your loved ones are taken from you it goes to your head and use it to try to protect everyone from harm as you go mission to mission trying to take back what was taken from you.

Deep Down

A working title, you play what seems to be a medieval knight sent by the King to kill forces that threaten your kingdom such as Dragons. That or your’e just doing it for the hell of it. Who knows?

The graphics look amazing, i can’t wait to see what these next generation platforms will do. I love the look and feel of the old castle in the launch trailer, I couldn’t help but think of the first Shrek movie when they fight the dragon.

Killzone Shadow Fall

This Launch title will be shipping with the PS4 and will show you how good the performance of this system will be.

Unlike other Killzone titles, Shadow Fall can be compared to mirrors edge, it has such a giant leap in what we are used to in this series. You start in such a beautiful city, you would have no idea you are playing Killzone then an explosion changes the mood and you get the fps you were looking for. We do see some classic melee kills, but this new environment and gameplay looks to be something amazing.

Leak: Call Of Duty Ghosts

Activison’s next call of duty title is called ” Call Of Duty Ghosts ” it was leaked from a Activison worker on via You Tube.

Title was originally Call of Duty: Phantoms, but the name was changed to Ghosts recently as the “working title”.
Coming from the Modern Warfare series, but branching out into a new direction
Campaign is set in the future, but current weapons are being used. Hinted that a major event happened in the future that leads to the use of current weapons.
Multiplayer load screens will be dynamic. Discussed the idea of users repelling out of a helicopter or breaching a building through a glass window as the match starts. Describes it as a “mini-game” feel.
Player movement has been changed, but no details were given as to the mechanics.
Dolphin dive was not confirmed, but players are now able to dash and slide into while shooting. Speculated that the “dash and slide” mechanic will be replacing the dolphin dive, however.
Prone and crouch have been changed, and peaking around corners will now be available for console versions. Users are even able to go prone & roll.
Spec-ops will not be included in the game and has been replaced by a different mode & additional “mini-games”
Environments will be able to be interacted with, but no examples were given.
The game will only launch on PC and next-generation consoles, hinting that current-generation consoles will receive a different version.Modern-Warfare-4-Rumor-Script