Is Defiance a Syfi joke?


What happens when a good company rushes out a television license MMO  companion game for a Syfi series that hasn’t even earned its pedigree yet…… Defiance the video game. So happy im gonna play this game ….. GUESS WHAT ! PATCH ERROR AFTER PATCH ERROR right when its about to finish a patch error please try again pops up. When I press the button to try again IT STARTS ALL OVER again and again and again I couldn’t play the game for about 3 or 4 days. Unfortunately if the show is anything like the story or characters in this game its not gonna last the season. At first glance it looks generic and original and cheap looking. Its certainly  not gonna help the franchises chances if this is the best they can offer players. Now what I can gather the story is about aliens forcibly immigrating to earth. There are a few different species within these aliens including a robot race, a short troll looking race, a alien race that can be distinguished by having 5 heads ya know there 4 heads were so big they turned into 5 heads and they have this large growth above there noses. There are also ” Hell bugs ” who’s cartoonish appearance seems out of place in this attempt of this realistic look of the future.The video game is are first opportunity to experience this world. First impressions are everything and Defiance squanders that. After a character creator that are on the light side of options I was still able to make a good approximation of what I looked like. Your silent character is then thrust’ed into the world and is matched up with the shows  main characters Joshua Nolen is every rugged reluctant Syfi hero ever while his adopted daughter Arisa an alien mostly grunts, complains and acts like a spoiled child not a exactly the best way to introduce your star characters to the players. By the end of the 5 or 6 level episodic quest line you will know next to nothing new about these two. More likely would of pissed you off more then anything in fact that lack of information is like that through the whole entire game it treats you like this series has been running as long as Star trek or has the lovable deep characters of Babylon 5 but there are so many unanswered questions…. I guess so the TV show can answer them for you it leaves you completely discontented from this universe in fact the Wiki page has more detail and information then anything your going to gather from main quest or things you will find in the actual game. There are hidden audio logs this is your main source for this worlds back-story but why hide them? Where the hell do the hell bugs come from ? Who destroys the first aliens star ships?  How did 7 intelligent species all end up in the same solar system? It also doesn’t help that the game has a serious lack of a compelling story line basically your job is of a  arc hunter looking for a arc core for your employer Lex Luthor. Your flying ship has been shot down and with some help from a few side characters that you meet along the way you will be battling  raiders, mutants , and hell bugs while hunting components for the “arc core” and discovering who destroyed your ship and that’s it. It will never stray from this formula it has no twists there are no turns its just you going through the motions of  boring dual fetch quests without any context at all. Its hard to be excited about the main missions when even the voice actors sound tired and un-interested when reading there often awkward dialogue in the games numerous cut scenes. Is it just me or is John Cooper one of the main characters his voice just seems horribly out of place its like if  Trion couldn’t find a African American voice actor witch there are plenty of good ones ether that or they just didn’t care enough. Cass is the only character that bothers to put in any effort. Shes independent interesting constantly  cussing  in a hilariously bad way. Like these variations of FRAC from Battlestar Galactica but there’s is only the defiance version like SHIT TACO. Unfortunately she is replaced by other side characters that are just as blan as the last. The sound tract is a mixed mess. The early battle music reminds me of Beverly hills cop it gets slightly better latter on but so often getting stuck on a loop after a mission it gets really annoying thankfully the sound in other parts of the game is slightly better impact full sounding guns and other syfi noises. It must be mentioned that the PC interface is TERRIBLE you can clearly tell that this was clearly built for consoles even switching load outs is a hassle thankfully I had a controller to plug in and its so much better played this way with a controller  witch is a real shame for PC players. Defiance is just a mess but strangely its a odd  mess I keep finding myself playing it even though I wasn’t much enjoying any of the content why ? Well because the game does get 3 important aspects right Combat , Weapon loot , and shadow wars. It combines the addictive nature of finding and modding new weapons with magazines, stocks, scopes and other pieces modeled to the actual gun with fun solid combat and gun play it feels like just any other 3rd person action shooter should think about the gun addiction in Borderlands now the guns don’t get actually cool until around ego level 150 and that’s a bunch of hours into the game and even then there’s not gonna be much randomness or variation on damage and effects like in Borderlands buts its still a nice grind for better and sweet weapons. There are even some advanced weapons as well during certain main missions witch are extremely powerful but necessary as you mow down countless henchmen.  Now through this games ego system witch serves both as a annoying voice in your head and your special abilates witch is sorta like cortana through her you can chose four different powers Blur, Cloak , Decoy and over Charge  along with tons of different perks  surrounding them there are clearly some better then others in PVP vs PVE  with no way to save multiple builds. You do get around on this big map by using ATV’s, or mad max vehicles it feels like a 90’s style race with all the bad physics but its still a lot more fun watching your mound fly around like in WOW when you just sit there and do nothing its funny that the product placement Dodge is the only surviving car manufacture and theirs a taco bells ?  Dodge and Taco bell won the franchise war. This is a type of MMO that people don’t normally like MMO’s could enjoy. In fact the game hardly even feels like a MMO at all come to think of it this the most non social version of this jenra I have ever played. Oh you may see people time to time doing there own thing and may end up in your same area helping with a quest or a arc fall event the chat menu and the global chat menu are buried. There under so many menu’s its basically non existence no one uses it did they just save your life ? Did they help both destroy a alien horde? Not a single fuck will be given and as quickly as you see them come there gone in a flash without even a peep and that’s Defiance in a nut shell. For every fun moment you have it turns around and gets another aspect wrong like quest structure for example these quickly become so boring and repetitive after the first dozen of them you will start to see a pattern that never quits basically you get to a area  and have to turn on 3 to 5 panels or defend a NCP’s   from waves and waves of enemy’s that just pop out of no where. Most of these enemy’s are completely brain less and charges your position with no regards for there own lives they all function the same. Occasionally a mini boss shows up and you need to strategically kind of shooting game making you shoot there vulnerable spots. The main missions are so boring when you realize THERE ALL THE SAME  it got so bad I was actually impressed when a real boss showed up that is a average in any other 3rd person game. I hope you enjoyed this game review I would put more but I think you get my point about this game. If you disagree or have a different opinion feel free to leave a comment down below and I would appreciate it if you would like it as well it really helps. This is yet another B squared review stick for even more reviews latter on !!


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