Is Crysis 3 just a game with pretty graphics?

Crysis 3 looks really good on PC but boy do I get a shit load of issues.. The game feels unpolished and slightly rushed to meet a deadline. Why do games now and day’s feel slugesh all the time ? Im gonna blame it on motion work just because I want to. The texture is about as sharp as a broken piece of glass. I must admit I can not run the texture level on high I guess that would be expected because its a Crysis game. Ya know that name use to mean something it was like the Ferrari of gaming but now its a yearly release give or take a few months now the game is more like a sun flyer. Story is about as blan as drinking chalk in water it doesn’t do anything for me at all it doesn’t have that open world feel like the first one had. Reason I refereed it to the first Crysis was because  it was beautiful and was done right. Taking the PC game and putting it to console’s has had huge consequences and it shows. I fell like crytek  sold out.. Damn shame too. I would also like to point out that this game is about as distinctive as a rock its just on a shelf along with other books and the single player has the replay ability as a bottle of Pepsi once done you will throw it aside. Don’t get me wrong though the game is okay but that’s my issue it does nothing different it plays it safe like driving down a straight road I lost interest in the game near the beginning and cant really give out a recommendation for it. Now the single player can add some extra playing time but you will find yourself switching back to “Battlefield 3” or “Call Of Duty“. There’s just nothing there that has not been done before just looks great but has glitches. If you have a different opinion on this game feel free to leave a comment down below and let me know thanks.



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