Is Dead Space 3 just a cheesy Syfi thriller ( Review )

The game was a lot of back tracking and forced story telling. If you played the 2nd one you would know that his ex girlfriend lost her eye in that one but when you see her in this one she has one ? Makes no sense in my opinion. The crafting table is good and broken update you can make a very over powered weapon and just use that as your main weapon the whole game so that makes the crafting table pointless. Hard to feel scared when its only a button away from a one shot kill. This is not a horror game it may come from a strong horror background but this is not a horror game its more action then anything else. Don’t get me wrong they have some of the cheap jump scares in the early of the game and late in the game. I enjoyed dead space 1& 2 for the blood and horror and this does not own up to the title in my opinion. The story is like a cheesy syfi thriller that wasn’t a original plot. Your basically quoting the last star wars act at the end of the game ( wont spoil ending for people who have not played ) Its a good game to check out if your there for the action of it but if your there for the horror just forget about it.If you have a different opinion on the game feel free to comment down below and let me know thank you.



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