Watch Dogs, Deep Down, and Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4)

As you all know the ps4 was announced, even though it the actual console was never shone to the public; But we did get to see some launch titles! Lets take a look,

Watch Dogs

The city of Chicago is yours to roam and control, with Gods iPhone.

Free Mode:

In free roam you can walk the city streets with no missions or objectives, and with God’s iPhone you are able to control everything and hack into the privacy of everybody. Use your God phone to detect potential crimes, suspects, and personal information such as bank accounts and backgrounds. 

Story Mode:

In story mode you are a ex cop playing detective. Using the power of the god phone to protect ones close to you. Once your loved ones are taken from you it goes to your head and use it to try to protect everyone from harm as you go mission to mission trying to take back what was taken from you.

Deep Down

A working title, you play what seems to be a medieval knight sent by the King to kill forces that threaten your kingdom such as Dragons. That or your’e just doing it for the hell of it. Who knows?

The graphics look amazing, i can’t wait to see what these next generation platforms will do. I love the look and feel of the old castle in the launch trailer, I couldn’t help but think of the first Shrek movie when they fight the dragon.

Killzone Shadow Fall

This Launch title will be shipping with the PS4 and will show you how good the performance of this system will be.

Unlike other Killzone titles, Shadow Fall can be compared to mirrors edge, it has such a giant leap in what we are used to in this series. You start in such a beautiful city, you would have no idea you are playing Killzone then an explosion changes the mood and you get the fps you were looking for. We do see some classic melee kills, but this new environment and gameplay looks to be something amazing.


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