Leak: Call Of Duty Ghosts

Activison’s next call of duty title is called ” Call Of Duty Ghosts ” it was leaked from a Activison worker on via You Tube.

Title was originally Call of Duty: Phantoms, but the name was changed to Ghosts recently as the “working title”.
Coming from the Modern Warfare series, but branching out into a new direction
Campaign is set in the future, but current weapons are being used. Hinted that a major event happened in the future that leads to the use of current weapons.
Multiplayer load screens will be dynamic. Discussed the idea of users repelling out of a helicopter or breaching a building through a glass window as the match starts. Describes it as a “mini-game” feel.
Player movement has been changed, but no details were given as to the mechanics.
Dolphin dive was not confirmed, but players are now able to dash and slide into while shooting. Speculated that the “dash and slide” mechanic will be replacing the dolphin dive, however.
Prone and crouch have been changed, and peaking around corners will now be available for console versions. Users are even able to go prone & roll.
Spec-ops will not be included in the game and has been replaced by a different mode & additional “mini-games”
Environments will be able to be interacted with, but no examples were given.
The game will only launch on PC and next-generation consoles, hinting that current-generation consoles will receive a different version.Modern-Warfare-4-Rumor-Script


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