Gears Of War Judgment

My opinion on “Gears Of War Judgment” could of been a lot better why?
#1 The campaign is short approximentaly 5 hours but after you beat the game there is another campaign that takes place during Gears 3 I believe witch is a plus I guess.
#2 There’s nothing really different about the campaign is the same. Just kill the locust nothing different same thing through every mission. They make the game feel like a arcade game because you are scored and receive stars by how good you did and at the end of the mission it shows how you did I didn’t really care about the campaign more on getting through the mission and seeing how I did.
#3 The Multiplayer is still the same except they added a few new games to play but all in all still the same. They added some new guns in there as well :
“Vulcan, Trip wire crossbow, Markza, Booshka, Spot Grenade, Stim-Gas Grenade, Breechshot” ( Sorry if I miss any )
#4 I like how Marcus is not in the game they mainly focus on Baird and Cole and the other 2 new characters as well Cadet Sofia Hendrik, and former UIR Major Garron Paduk.
#5 New Locust as well not gonna go into detail with that your just gonna have to look into that hes just basically a power house.
The only Real reason ” Gears Of War Judgment ” is such a big riot is because is apart of the Gears Of War Franchise it could of been better lot of room for improvement but its still a kick ass game and enjoy playing it. If I had to rate the game I would have to say hands down a 7 if you disagree or anything feel free to comment and let me know thanks.
Add me on Xbox and we can play : PAPER TANK 122


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